Wednesday, 21 September 2016

walks away from a huge accident

Hunter and Tom are relaxing for the big event happening tomorrow. They are going to the v8 supercars world champs final 12 races Hunter and tom are the last race They are racing in Australia.

Now it’ time for V8 supercars champs final Hunter and tom are pumped Voom Voom Voom the green light goes off here they go hunter made a good start tom right be how know tom crash what’s tom going to do.

This term there’s been heaps of events visits.Like bublegum dance crew,hiwi the kiwi,indian american  and a lot more speacl events and visits this term.

Tom survived the huge accident while the race was still going Hunter is going to win one of his best friends was right behind one lap to go.everyone cheering go Hunter Tom his cheering for him to.

Hunter as won the race Tom congrats Hunter on the win Hunter grab is tropey and gave it to Tom.I can’t wait to come back next year.

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