Monday, 29 June 2015

Talking to Bat Man

WALT: investigate and learn facts about lesser short-tailed bat

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Friday, 19 June 2015


WALT:Explain pollination, fertilisation and what makes popcorn pop


Have you ever played basketball? Every Thursday Mr Goodwin’s maths class goes in the hall to play basketball.

The last couple  of weeks we been learning how to play basketball. The part I liked  the most was the beef B stands for balance, E stands for elbow, the other E stands for eye on the target, and the last of them is the F flow through. The F is the main one because it’s the shooting technique using you chicken leg and chicken wing the chicken wing is you arm and you chicken leg is your leg.

The last two weeks ago we played golden child. Golden child is game for two teams one shooting and one running the running team has to run around the hall and get to the other side the shooting team has to shoot the ball into the hoop if it get’s in the running team has to stop then when golden child is running and when golden child goes past the people that got stop by the shooting side then when golden child runs every one runs to get to the end.

Next time I want to play more basketball than more skills with coach Malik and Yaran.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

after the storm Rose Quilter.

WALT: Make inferences and understand the author’s point of view
Beginning the children where collecting pine cones for their fire
Middle the kids find a den when they where walk to find pine cones sam look down the den and found are kittens skull
End Jessie felt sad for kittens so dad  suggest that we go and decorate with rock and feathers.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Where did it all begin?

We are learning to make inferences when we read a text
The beginning there was nothing. Darkness. there was a twitch and a tiny curled that appeared that's how the world beginning.

 This how the world started

Auckland winter is here

Did you realise that winter came on Queen's birthday in New Zealand? The cold and muddy ground looked like mud cake. I turned my heater on, covered myself with three blanks and watched TV in bed. I was shivering in bed say “cold cold cold!!!” This morning in the cold Auckland winter, there was fog everywhere and the white grass was like jack frost that’s how cold it was in the cold winter Auckland.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Kutai Fritters

WALT: find and learn meanings of unknown vocabulary.
we learn what kete means and it is a bag made out of flax like for example my kutai needs are kete for it. You get kutai from the god of the sea tangaroa this is where kai morana comes from.   

the blindfold games

Have you ever played the rice game before? Room 8’s reading group played it today in the morning on Tuesday the 2nd of June.

This is how you play the rice game you need six bowls of rice, six
blindfolds and six pieces of paper so the rice doesn't get on the floor. You also need six people to sit in front of the bowl of rice and you have one minute to get 20 safety pins when the timer  goes off you need to count how many safety pins you got.

When it was my turn miss called our names the people with me where Amethyst,Siokita,Sabrina,Angelica then the timer went off the safety pins pins on the paper but some people got zero but I got 15 with Andrew  so hard  it just felt like rice that’s why i just got a hand full and stuck. Then the timer went off  me Kosini counted how many i got so i counted how many safety pins i got 15 saftey pins.

I felt that i liked that game and would like to play the game again because everybody got a turn and it was so challenging for us to try and find the safety pins cause it just fell like rice.