Thursday, 10 December 2015

End of the year Reflections

Have you being doing your writing,reading,maths and inquiry? Well team 4 have been doing all of those things.

In the beginning of the year I was reading at 9 years old. Now, at the end of the year I am reading at 10 year old .My favourite story was killer plants because you can learn about plants.Next I hope that I can read at 12 years old.

This year we have been writing a lot about different things to do. One them was the chocolate game one of my
favourites. we learnt how to put detailed in your  paragraph  next year I hope that my writing can be better than this year.


This year my maths as improve from last year. Timetables have improved two I only knew my 6’s now I know my 12’s, I am so looking forward for next for hard things to do.


My favourite inquiry was trade and enterprise. Because we got to make a project with you friends and sell them with your friends .That was my favourite part of trade and enterprise. Next year  I hope that we can make another  project.

This year was one of the best years! Going camp hanging with your friends and making new friends as well.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Flynn animation

this is my platypus on ice we it can't survive as to stay there for a week and i got penguin that is living in the desert to try to survive my penguins has fur and skin to look after them.


1.Cockroaches has hairs at the back of it legs so if you try and sneak up they just run away.

2. They can run 11 inches per second.

3. Did you know that the roach has its skeleton outside of its body so it is opposite of us.

4. They have white stuff that is called fat.

5.They have fat that can help them to survive

6.Did you know that they can go for month without food

7. Did you know that they can go without water for a week.

8. Cockroaches have been around when dinosaurs were a alive  

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Haiku poem

Killer plants Isaac and flyn

Walt this week we have been learning about killer plants and how they get there pray

Camp Bentzon

Have you ever been to camp Bentzon before. Well the whole of year six’s went to kawau island.

Do you know how we got to kawau island? Well you need to take the bus to sandspit in warkworth. That took two hours from school to sandspit and from sandspit to kawau island it took a half hour.

On first day of camp we went for hike.People were  complaining and whining it was so so long. everyone was crashing and bumping into people.

After the hike went back to camp Benzton there was so many options to do there was bombing of the wharf, bombing of pontoon ,play volleyball and staying in you cabin to talk or sleep.

I felt that camp was fun next time I might go there in the future.