Tuesday, 13 December 2016

P.E.S Picnic

This year’s picnic was one of the best in glen
innes.sounds blasting,boys playing,girls relaxing.That’s why it’s the best picnic in Glen innes we have picnic every year to celebrate the year with a bang!!! It’s good opportunity  to be with the boys play some touch or chill,TJ matua lewin took the cricket set down the beach for game of beach cricket.

Prize Giving

Screenshot 2016-12-12 at 10.41.07.png

Prize giving was amazing.A packed hall means more fun.Prize giving happens once a year and is good way to show off your dancing skills and getting rewards for your effort’s in class and out of class. your achievements
sports,academy,citizenship,attending school every day and sport’s players of the year.These are just some of the rewards and achievements.this is my third prize giving in pt England school.

The pokemon extreme


Every picture tells a story.  Use your imagination and experience to narrate (tell) a story about the photo.

Take 5 minutes to plan your writing below.
T:The pokemon extreme
O:Three boys in a searching for all of the pokemon.
P:The three boys run into clowns,Zombies and Bigfoot they just need one pokemon left.
S:The Three boys Found the last pokemon to become the first ever boys to find

Three boys

Once a upon a time there was three boys called Zane,Zack and Cody  They were all the same age so they where so close together They also went with some of Zane and Zack’s friends.They were all  going to Pokemon rain forest to try and collect all the pokemon.

Zane,Zack,Cody and his friends heard a strange noise they all walked quickly.They stopped!Watch Out! Said Zack these two clowns Run Run!we are  tarp we ain't tarp said Zane.“I  think we are said Cody”.He comes some Zombies! Run even faster The clowns and the zombies a chasing us what next.“I think we have lost both of them Said Zane”.I hear a foot it’s Bigfoot they quickly bolted to the nearest Poke Stop.

They hid there for 20 minutes they came back out they just need two more pokemon to catch to become the first ever boys to catch every pokemon before anyone else “I found one said Cody let catch and go”.There is only one left to find they walk back to where the clowns,Zombies and Bigfoot is.They see the clowns they attack the clowns with Raikou they see the last pokemon They kill the Zombies. One person left Bigfoot Raikou,Mega mewtwo x and registeel can destroy Bigfoot  Raikou stuns him mega mewtwo x took heaps a damage registeel Kills him.

They kill Bigfoot to become the first ever boys in history to catch every Pokemon In the pokemon rain forest and also kill the clowns,Zombies and Bigfoot is a big task to do. Three boys the same age as Zane,Zack and Cody possibly get killed so they were tough to stand up to Clowns,Zombies and the hard Bigfoot They got medals from the guy that made pokemon and lived happily ever after.

Funny experiments Gone wrong

Title: Funny experiments Gone wrong

It’s normal friday day kids having fun running around Outside with no hat’s teachers telling them off .After the bell rang Mrs tele’a walks in with a experiment everyone was looking at her Angelo came bolting in with gazed at the experiment “Angelo asked what is that Mrs tele’a”?Mrs Tele’a told Angelo what the experiment was.Angelo inquired can i test experiment Please said Angelo with a smile on his face.

Problem:Mrs Tele’a walk away leaving Angelo by himself with the experiment Angelo was think in his head should i touch or should i leave it.Angelo picked up the experiment he lit fuse of a firework Mrs Tele’a walks and saw Angelo lit the experiment blowed up and made a big BANG!!
Everyone had ring sound in there ears.Angelo ran away outside to catch some carbon dioxide he walk back in and fire was getting big and big he had a solution.

Solution The fire went even high to the roof Angelo had i an idea don’t put it out let the sprinklers do it.all kids ran outside to watch the lab come down with water Angelo has saved the day three cheers for Angelo hop ray hop ray hop ray all kids gathered around angelo and lifted up Angelo nether got into re think and lived happily ever after

2016 Reflection

 2016 Reflection
This year has been amazing, it has almost coming to an end of the year.I can’t imagine how much sports and fun activities i have been involved in.I have learnt a lot things in year 7. And one of my favourite subjects was maths i developed my mentality this year in in all my subjects.i’m becoming a teenage now and year 8’s have really showed by example.Goals for next year: My goals for next year is be good role model for the young students around me and Play more sport.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Flyn CH CH CH CH Changes

Image result for coke and mentosDOL:over the last few weeks i have been creating animation about coke and mentos this is example of coke and mentos i hope you enjoy