Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Anzac Weekend

my anzac day was sad and loving weekend  waking up 4.30 in the morning going into the airport of auckland to pick up my cousin and my uncle that flew from melbourne and perth if you don’t know where perth is it’s in the western australian outback and if don’t know where melbourne is it’s in the new south wales by sydney.

my cousin came in at 5.00 and my uncle came in at 6.00 to go to new plymouth to see my grandmother in hospital she was in ICU then after one hour it was time to go home to opunake that’s our little town in taranaki in south of taranaki  down there is beachs and two pools there’s like two everything there when we got there it was nice and clean my house my aunts dog na was there .

Mala ma huna and hokule'a

Today in the morning at 8:40 am we went down to the pt england reserve. All other schools went there too. When they arrived all the schools done the haka, I told myself i didn’t no the “action.” Then after that they started to say speeches and sang songs. It was fun to meet them then we got in lines and started to hug,shake hands,high five them and say aloha then went back at the hall i felt it was good for the committee  to come down to see it.

flynlay Year 5 and 6 Camp 2015

2015 ‘’it,s going to be an exciting day!’’ i thought to myself . The children in year 5 and 6 were going to camp. But sadly, not all year 5s from our class went. We got to camp out on the school field and and it was last week from Wednesday to Friday.

one of the activity is kayaking. It was At the beach we did kayaking with Mr Burt and he had to helpers called nilly and bowl and they taught us rules lie foot bum foot. Then we do foot first then Your bum secene to sit on then your foot goes on last.

flyn School Picnic

Hi my name is Flyn i went to the eastern Ripper Rugby Tournament at Dunkirk reserve with Alf,Montel,Lani,Rosa,Jonathan,Emmanuel,Lomio and Annelis. We played teams from the other eastern schools. Elm park school came with two teams,Howick primary came with two teams like Elm park school and the last team was Glendowie. The rules are when you get ripped you could leave the rip on the ground or give it to them. The other rule is when you get ripped and your ripped comes off you will get penalised for run over 3 steps. The other rule is no kick and no tackle because it’s ripper not league. Now it’s the of the Eastern final to play Glendowie that we played was the ref blows the horn. Kick off time i scored two tries

Thursday, 23 April 2015

flynlay Holiday Highlight OR Immersion Assembly

WOW I went to the  movies to watch.The new Fast and Furious seven with my mum and my dad we went to Sylvia park I went into the the que to get the tickets with some popcorn and some drinks than i went into the arcade then I went into the theatre to watch the movie my seat was N1 N2 N3 we watch the ads then the movies start.

movie start with the cars with the actors in the  cars where the actors like Paul walker, Vin diesel, Wayne Johnson a.k.a the Rock,ludacris a.k.a Tej first in the movie was the crew went into this army of people to catch the bad guys to get this girl from getting killed.

now it’s the last bit of the movie where Paul walker was on the bus fight the bad guy well vin diesel was fight drive well transporters was shooting  back to Paul walker with his fight against this Asian guy the Asian guy jump out of the bus from the back window Paul walker smash the glass of the font window .

i really liked this movie rate out 8/10 because I thuther it could've  been more good that’s way i give it an 8/10.