Monday, 28 August 2017

Speech's on friday

Last week on friday three lucky students from each Literacy class got chosen to say there speech in front of the whole of team 5 and some kids from the pav.Three confident and clear speaks will say there speech in school assembly.

The most appealing to me was Roimata because she told us the myths and stories of the cook island’s.i thought it was scary when she said are married couple we fighting and the girl went missing on that night.

The Most entertaining was Muba his speech was about If i was president for one day.He said if i was president i would find homes for the poor and clean the whole world.If i was president I would do the same and help kids education.


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  2. Talofa Flyn,
    I like that your speech is short but still has the main things you need in a recount! I think you should get someone to edit you writing as there are some spelling errors but good job anyways. I too think Muba's speech was the most entertaining, even his actions. Which speech did you relate to the most?

  3. Hi Flynlay,
    I enjoyed your brief reflection about the speech competition last Friday it was short and quite informative. I too found Mubashir's speech very entertaining because of his sense of humour. Don't you wish you were a president for a day? Well I do.

    Your sincerely,

  4. Hi Flyn!
    Your speech is short but very detailed in things you mostly importantly need in a recount! In your writing, I reckon you should get a partner or even Mrs Tele'a to check over your speech-thoughts as it does have spelling errors, but other than that it was fantastic! My question for you is Which speech did you relate to the most? and Why?


  5. Hi Flynlay,
    I enjoyed your post about the annual speech competition last Friday. In my opinion Mubashshirs was the most entertaining to me aswell. Your piece of writing is an masterpiece.... haha. Awesome work. In my opinion I think you should of been picked for one of the finalist for the speech on Friday, but hard luck. Keep up the great work Flyn.


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