Thursday, 10 December 2015

End of the year Reflections

Have you being doing your writing,reading,maths and inquiry? Well team 4 have been doing all of those things.

In the beginning of the year I was reading at 9 years old. Now, at the end of the year I am reading at 10 year old .My favourite story was killer plants because you can learn about plants.Next I hope that I can read at 12 years old.

This year we have been writing a lot about different things to do. One them was the chocolate game one of my
favourites. we learnt how to put detailed in your  paragraph  next year I hope that my writing can be better than this year.


This year my maths as improve from last year. Timetables have improved two I only knew my 6’s now I know my 12’s, I am so looking forward for next for hard things to do.


My favourite inquiry was trade and enterprise. Because we got to make a project with you friends and sell them with your friends .That was my favourite part of trade and enterprise. Next year  I hope that we can make another  project.

This year was one of the best years! Going camp hanging with your friends and making new friends as well.

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