Monday, 25 September 2017

Cross country

The cross country or Fun run
Bright colors filled the netball courts.Amazing wigs and costumes on's the event that everyone's has been for That’s right it's cross country.

There are four house colors Hine moana Blue,hikianalia Yellow,Te Aurere Red and Hokule’a green my house is Hine moana the best team.

The track is 3km we had to run around the field one time.Then run out to the reverse then come back into school and do it all over again this track is for year 7 and 8.

It was are turn to race all the year 8 boys getting ready Mr burt talked us through some instructions.It was time to race Mr burt said on your marks get set And bang the claps went off!

The 1st lap has gone 1 lap to go Thaisoni in front of me i’m chasing him down he finlay stop i keeped running.I went passed him i was in 2nd place siaosi was in front

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