Friday, 4 August 2017

What is a speech

Before an individual begins to come across with a speech,they must resolve why they are giving a speech.The audience helps to finish the objective of a speech.people come together for a speech because they wait to hear or learn something they did not already know.

A speech is type of writing that hooks an audience with a main idea.Some speeches tell you about information about what the speaker is trying to say.A persuasive speech is a type of speech that speaker has to prove to an audience to accept his or her point of view.The speech is arranged certain cause the audience to accept all or part of the speech

Speeches are given with a fluent voice and confidence between yourself and the audience.Speeches are also given because an announcement what is going to happen and what’s about to happen speeches are common way of writing.

These are the steps in saying or presenting a speech.So now go self confidence yourself and have go and write a speech In couple weeks say your speech to your school or your family this will help you with public speaking.

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  1. Hey Flynlay,
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