Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Immersion assembly for Term 3

Today it was the first day of school for term 3 We had immersion assembly that included all teams in the school most of the teams did movies.Mr burt introduce this term topic of term is guardians of the galaxy.

Mr Burt said now it’s time for Team 1  all the year 7 and 8 showed support and clapped.Team 1 is learning about the sun and moon there movie was about how their teachers went to space on flying cars and how they missed teaching there kids.

The most  informative for me was team 4 because Mr somerville.Said why they are learning about mars and how people are trying to find out more on mars also how people can’t stay on other planets like Mars,Moon and others.

The most entertaining item was Team 5 Because they had very funny item that involved all the teachers in team 5.They sang how far i'll go parody about the planets in the universe also team 5 is also learning about seas and the high and low tides.

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