Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The haunted forest

Jadyn,Angelo,Pou and his friends heard a strange noise.They all walked quickly.They stopped!
“Watch Out!” Said Jadyn .
These two clowns Run! “we are  tarp we ain't trap said Angelo”I  think we are said Pou”.

He comes some Zombies! Run even faster The clowns and the zombies a chasing us what next.“I think we have lost both of them Said Angelo”.I hear a foot it’s Bigfoot they quickly bolted to the nearest Poke Stop.

They hid there for 20 minutes they came back out they just need two more pokemon to catch to become the first ever boys to catch every pokemon before anyone else “I found one said Pou let catch and go”.

There is only one left to find they walk back to where the clowns,aliens  and Bigfoot is.They see the clowns they attack the clowns with Raikou they see the last pokemon They kill the Zombies. One person left Bigfoot Raikou,entei and suicune destroy bigfoot  Raikou stuns him entei took heaps a damage suicune Kills him.

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