Friday, 17 March 2017

My amazing time at polyfest

Do you  know what polyfest is well i will tell you what is .well polyfest is festival event based on Polynesian and pacifican.There where also different stages like diversity stage that had different cultures like Indiana,Fijian,Asian and Chinese all on one stage.

They also had the Maori stage and Samoa stage also had Niue stage  they had lots food and drinks that were on sale at polyfest it wasn't only amazing it was very interesting and i  learnt at lot.I learnt how to put out a fire you don't put water on the pot all it will grow big and bigger.

My Favorited  highlight of the day was make the smoothie on the bike and watching other groups performer that was my favourite highlight of the day.

Well i very enjoy polyfest probably  that i said a couple things about maybe  you  should go  along watch some amazing 

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