Monday, 27 February 2017

My idea of a Fun Weekend

Have you been waiting for ages and ages for the funnest weekend of your life.well it’s your lucky day.

Me and my friends are all go to rainbow end for day we are going to ride on all the rides and 5 times Meanwhile we go get something to eat we all got fish and chips.

Afterwards we all went to the mall and shop around we went into Nike,Adidas and under armour.Later on we were still shopping around until we saw Shaun Johnson we got autographs and pictures.

Eventually we all walk home had a sleepover we all stayed up till 4.00 in the morning.We all woke up around 11.00 o'clock and had breakfast then got change and did it again but instead we went snow plant and rainbow end.

Maybe this will help you to make a date with your friends to hang out or spend time together  and play games or just chill.

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