Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Funny experiments Gone wrong

Title: Funny experiments Gone wrong

It’s normal friday day kids having fun running around Outside with no hat’s teachers telling them off .After the bell rang Mrs tele’a walks in with a experiment everyone was looking at her Angelo came bolting in with gazed at the experiment “Angelo asked what is that Mrs tele’a”?Mrs Tele’a told Angelo what the experiment was.Angelo inquired can i test experiment Please said Angelo with a smile on his face.

Problem:Mrs Tele’a walk away leaving Angelo by himself with the experiment Angelo was think in his head should i touch or should i leave it.Angelo picked up the experiment he lit fuse of a firework Mrs Tele’a walks and saw Angelo lit the experiment blowed up and made a big BANG!!
Everyone had ring sound in there ears.Angelo ran away outside to catch some carbon dioxide he walk back in and fire was getting big and big he had a solution.

Solution The fire went even high to the roof Angelo had i an idea don’t put it out let the sprinklers do it.all kids ran outside to watch the lab come down with water Angelo has saved the day three cheers for Angelo hop ray hop ray hop ray all kids gathered around angelo and lifted up Angelo nether got into re think and lived happily ever after

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