Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Olympic Narrative

Now we wait for the men’s 100 hundred metre race in lane 4 the defending camp  Usain Bolt. Get ready get set Go!!  He goes Bolt with a smooth start His opponent Justin Gatlin his in the front. with 150 meters. What’s Bolt going to do.Problem is Bolt hasn't lost a race  he wouldn't want to lose during the break Justin Gatlin his still in front with 100 meters left,this is unbelievable Bolt!! Might lose his first race in history.Meanwhile 50 meters to go Bolt running his He runs past Gay,past rogers.just have to get past Gatlin. Bolt is after him we all know that bolt can run,he goes usain bolt is 1 meter behind Bolt!!!In 3rd place mike rogers the present gave rogers his bronze medal In  1st place usain  bolt the present gave him the silver medal usain bolt “said why did i get the silver medal the present never knew the present said sorry and his your gold medal Camp.
it’s a photo finish it’s phenomenal usain bolt thinks he won the race.In First place with the world record of 9.55 usain bolt crowded goes wild!!He runs around the track with is country flag.what a race from the amazing and phenomenal Usain country would be proud of his effort

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