Thursday, 7 July 2016

creative writing

There were once a man called  flyn and his brother hunter. One day hunter had a day of work and went to Flynn's game in america hunter has been to america before.

Flyn saw hunter and waved out to him hunter waved back. hunter and flyn haven't seen each other before hunter left to go army camp Flyn showed hunter around the park before Flyn walk back to coach Zach.

Flyn went back to change room when Hunter walked back to the stand the game was about to start.He gripped the ball as hard as he could.The backstop gave me two signs for the fastball he positioned himself to catch the ball I throw the ball as fast as i can.

Flyn let the ball go the backstop positioned himself to catch the ball.the ball was spinning in the air swoosh Strike 3 you're out Flyn got excited when he struck out the world's best batsmen in the world he was amazed.

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