Thursday, 9 June 2016

Show not tell

My legs were aching watching the biggest game of all time Queensland maroons against New south wales blues.  Kids screaming, parents shouting, baby's crying.Everyone is  cheering let’s go Queensland let’s go. as they're losing by one try My heart start to beat fast as was about to start to pop out only 1 minute left what are they going to do.

Oh!! No new south wales are going to are score nek minute he got  smashed him bro.30 seconds!! left they have to pack the scrum.they  got the ball they start passing the ball Greg inglis gets the ball he fends off Josh Morris he kicks ball for  Corey Oates. Oates backs it back for Johnathan thurston thurston kicks the ball to Darius Boyd he catches the ball he puts  down on the try line the referee is thinking try The crowd goes wild!!!!!!! as they win the shield for the 10th time.

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