Thursday, 5 November 2015

weet bix challenge with cream

P1 introduction
This morning the whole year six and fives went to have a weet bix eating competition. The silly food was weet bix with expired cream yuck disgusting! With apples even disgusting er.

P2 How to play it
Do you know how to play the weet bix game well it’s your lucky day. Things that you need for this game is weet bix ,expired cream, five plastic plates and a apples.

P3 My favourite part
When it was me Montel turn Montel went first eating. As soon they said go I picked up the weet bix and smashed on Montel’s nose.Then as I tried to pick the apple up he spited on my. hand.Then the countdown went down everyone was yelling ten! eight! seven! six! five! four! three! two! one! yeah we are finished.

P4 My turn
The Next couple of minutes it was my turn to eat the weet bix and the apple. The part that I didn't like was eating the cream with weet bix. Montel was controlling me because I couldn't move I only could move my mouth to eat the things then it was finished.

P5 conclusion
I felt that game was so excited and so funny that we might even play it again.

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