Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Holiday Highlight OR Immersion Assembly

Start your writing here: Guess what I  did in the holidays I went ten pin bowling in Panmure with my mum and my dad we played two games each.

In the first week of holidays can you guess where I went? I went ten pin Bowling with my parents!! I wanted to go first so I used ball 7. The first one I rolled went in the gutter. I got so angry  that i just picked the ball up and rolled it fast and I knocked over nine pins. Then i was happy has a monkey then I sat down waiting for my next turn.

In the second week of the holidays then me my dad went to  movies to watch pixels . We got popcorn .  Before the movie started we went into the game area to play some games then me and my dad went inside to get in our seats.

After the movies we went to the food court to have something to eat. me and my dad had lunch . I had  big Mac my dad had bacon and eggs we sat down having lunch. then after that we went home for a sleep we where so tired that we couldn't do nothing.

I felt so happy that me and my dad had some son and dad time because he is always at work.

I really liked this movie rate out 8/10 because I tuther it could've  been more good that’s why i give it an 8/10.
File:Balls in bowling.jpg

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